On site of the former Sports memorial accrues a tripod slender steel construction which carries - on its highest point at around 12 meters - a treehouse made of driftwood and recycled materials. A simple DIY-construction. The treehouse metaphorically stands for highflying plans and ambitious goals. It awakes associations on romantic childhood fantasies of a small house high in the clouds or rather in the treetops - in our case it stays unattainable. This contradiction - the not achievable - unleashes the longing to be up there. Imaginations are evoked how it would be to see the world, the city and the people from above there, maybe to witness a rowing regatta or a swimming match on the Dahme and how it would be to stay for a night in the treehouse.

In the evening when darkness falls, the hut will be illuminated from the inside, as if someone lives there.

(Thomas Kilpper)