c/o now is a Berlin architectural practice taking care of imagining and realizing objects, architecture and urbanity, as well as the editorial revision of related issues.

c/o now is Tobias Hönig, Andrijana Ivanda, Markus Rampl, Paul Reinhardt, Duy An Tran and Ksenija Zdešar, Sebastian Rothkopf (2023-), Pola Koch (2023-), Aylin Gürel (2023-), Diyar Ünlüçay (2019-20), Nicolas Bobran (2019), Toan Nguyen (2018-19), Ioulios Georgiou (2016-17), Lukas Beer (2016), Sander Riis (2016) and all contributors who collaborate in accomplishing a task: those who give assignments, those who advise, craftspeople and workers.

c/o now works in an office in Wilhelmshavener Straße in Berlin-Moabit and everyplace c/o now is commissioned to solve a task.

c/o now was and is involved in the teaching at various institutions and teaching formats: Technical University Berlin (TU), Ogólnopolskie Spotkania Studentów Architektury (OSSA, Polska), No Image Summer School (Technical University Berlin); Master Program for Architecture and Urban research at the Academy of fine Arts in Nuremberg; Technical University of Munich; Dessau Institute of Architecture; Institute for Principles of Modern Architecture, Cultural Theory and Design (IGMA) at the University of Stuttgart; […]

c/o now was and is involved in miscellaneous publications or was jointly responsible for them: ARCH+ 235 - Rechte Räume; Bayern, München – 100 Jahre Freistaat – Eine Raumverfälschung (Wilhelm Fink Verlag); ARCH+ 225 - Legislating Architecture; The Dialogic City – Berlin wird Berlin (Buchhandlung Walther König); Between Walls and Windows – Architektur und Ideologie (Hatje Cantz); […]

c/o now studied at RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, LFU Innsbruck, AdBK Nuremberg, OTH Regensburg, Roskilde University, Uni Stuttgart

c/o now speaks English, Srpskohrvatski, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Boarisch, Tirolarisch, Spanish & Vietnamese.

„c/o“ derives from American English and means „in care of“. It signifies an intermediary who is responsible for transferring a piece of mail between the postal system and the final addressee.

“c/o” as spatial localization opposes “now” as localization in terms of time, basically nothing else than the radical-pragmatic orientation to the present as the most specific starting point of imagining past and - even more importantly - a future for a better being.

c/o now: […] care of, class of, checkout, consists of, cutoff, change-over, closeout, call out, change-order, carryover, complains of, certificate of origin, current office, current offer, changeout, compagnie, Columbia, company, commanding officer, Coburg, Colorado, Central Office, Chief Officer, Colloquium, Coming-Out, Community Organization, Cova Lima, Kohlenstoffmonoxid, Colchester, Oblast Sofia, Cardiff, Provinz Como, Provinz Cordoba, Club Oriented, County, Cobalt, Conrado Co, Juaozinho Vieira Co, Coccygeal nerve, commitment ordering, Central Otago, conservation officer, contracting officer, corrections officer, Chemins de fer Orientaux, Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, Continental Airlines, Certificate of occupany, conscientious objector, corsican language, Code des obligations, course d’ orientation, Castres Olympique, National Organization of Women, Nightmares on Wax, No Other Way, Network of Workstations, No Opportunity Wasted, Negotiable Order of Withdrawal, Network of the World, New Opportunities for Women, Network on Wheels, Notice of Work, North Water Polynya Study, National Orchestra of Wales, Negotiable order of withdrawal account […]

Photpgraphy by Anika Spereiter, © c/o now